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About Us

Creating one spirit at a time...

2008 - present

Family-owned & operated distilled spirits producer here in North Texas.

Our Passion

We gave birth to these brands:

1920 Prohibition Vodka

1920 Prohibition Bourbon

1920 Prohibition Whiskey

Texan Vodka

Texan Bourbon

100% Vodka

100% Bourbon

Hoochi-Mamma Vodka

Hoochi-Mamma Flavored Vodka

Bourbon Kiss

DeLos Vodka

Lone Star Vodka

1835 Bourbon

Crevasse Vodka

Nue Vodka

Silverstar Whiskey & Honey Whiskey

Longhorn Vodka & Whiskey


6th Street Bourbon

Soul Bros Moonshine

Texas Tail Vodka

Jay Dee's Vodka

CH Stills Chocolate Peanut Butter

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